The Beatles-"Get Yer Yeah-Yeah's Out"-Wizardo Rekords

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End Date: 2015-01-18
Start Date: 2015-01-08

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The Beatles-

Speed 33 RPM
Record Size 12"
Special Attributes Limited Edition Live Recording
Record Label Wizardo Rekords
Release Year 1970s (?)

Rare copy of Wizardo Rekords' "Get Yer Yeah-Yeah's Out". The sleeve still has most of the shrink-wrap attached. The illustration on the front of the sleeve is a sheet laid over a smaller but similar illustration underneath with shrink-wrap over all. Enclosed is a one-page "Official Beatle Press Kit" with instructions on how to "BE A BEATLE" by coloring and then cutting out (and wearing) a wig.The vinyl appears to be in good condition except (as noted) for a skip during the first track (Can't Buy Me Love) on side two. I cannot see any obvious defect on the surface of the record where the skip occurs...I suspect it might be a flaw in the pressing. The notations "SHEA-1" and "SHEA-2" are inscribed in the vinyl near the record label. The record is (relatively) quiet and does not show heavy wear or scratches visually, although I'm sure it would benefit from a cleaning. In any event, it is offered "as-is".

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